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Adventure Marine Products
Model Price (USD)
Model 1000 stabilizer $77
Model 1100 stabilizer $89
Model 1200 stabilizer $99
Model 2100 quick release launching wheels. [Update: December 2014, Discontinued, No Longer Making] $298
Model 3000 dinghy swivel bracket. $329
Model 3100. O/B motor bracket. $195
Model 4100. High thrust O/B bracket. $387
Model 4100 REP. Re-enforcement plate. $49
Model 5000-A. Adjustable seat 26" to 37"[Update: December 2014, Discontinued, A few left in stock, until it runs out] $327
Model 6000. Dinghy hauler Davits. (They now include a set of 2 re-enforcement plates Model 6000REP. $49 value) $339
Model 6000REP. Re-enforcement plates. $49
Model 6000-18 extensions for Davits system. $159
Model 8000-18. Stand-off bars(18") $103
Model 8000-24. Stand-off bars(24") $116
Model 8000-30. Stand-off bars(30") $127
Model 8000-36. Stand-off bars(36") $137
Model 90709. Propeller safety guard. 09" $289
Model 90910. Propeller safety guard. 10" $299
Model 91011. Propeller safety guard. 11" $311
Model 91112. Propeller safety guard. 12" $327
Model 91213. Propeller safety guard. 13" $337
Model 91314. Propeller safety guard. 14" $351
Model 91415. Propeller safety guard. 15" $361
Model 91516. Propeller safety guard. 16" $373
Model 91617. Propeller safety guard. 17" $381
Model 90709-4. Propeller line guard. 09" $221
Model 90910-4. Propeller line guard. 10" $245
Model 91011-4. Propeller line guard. 11" $250
Model 91112-4. Propeller line guard. 12" $257
Model 91213-4. Propeller line guard. 13" $273
Model 91314-4. Propeller line guard. 14" $275
Model 91415-4. Propeller line guard. 15" $282
Model 91516-4. Propeller line guard. 16" $288
Model 91617-4. Propeller line guard. 17" $298
Model 10000. O/B motor bracket. $339
Model 10000REP. Re-enforcement plate. $55

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